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Student Life - A Day at RVK

Daily Routine at RVK (Monday to Friday)

Wakeup (Prathasmaran)

 05.00 a.m


 05.00 a.m to 05.20 a.m

Health run /Bath

 05.30 a.m to 06.10 a.m


 06.10 a.m to0 6.40 a.m


 06.50 a.m to 07.25 a.m


 07.35 a.m to 08.05 a.m

Period - 1

 08.10 a.m to 08.50 a.m

Period – 2

 08.50 a.m to 09.30 a.m

Period - 3

 09.30 a.m to 10.10 a.m

Short break

 10.10 a.m to 10.20 a.m

Period – 4

 10.20 a.m to 11.00 am

Period – 5

 11.00 a.m to 11.40 a.m

Period – 6

 11.40 a.m to 12.20 p.m

Lunch & Relaxation

 12.20 p.m to 01.20 p.m

Period – 7

 01.20 p.m to 02.00 p.m

Period – 8

 02.00 p.m to 02.40 p.m

National Anthem

 02.40 p.m to 02.50 p.m


 03.00 p.m to 03.40 p.m

Presonal Time for Students

 03.40 p.m to 04.20 p.m


 04.20 p.m to 04.45 p.m


 04.50 p.m to 06.05 p.m

Freshen up

 06.05 p.m to 06.20 p.m

Bhajan Samay/Kathakathan

 06.25 p.m to 06.40 p.m

Swadhyaya in Class Room

 06.45 p.m to 08.15 p.m


 08.20 p.m to 09.00 p.m

News/Sports on Television

 09.00 p.m to 09.30 p.m

Kushala Kshema/(6&7)

 09.30 p.m to 09.45 p.m

Swadhayana in Hostel(6&7)

 09.45 p.m to 10.30 p.m

Kushala Kshema/(8,9&10)

 09.30 p.m to 09.45 p.m

Swadhayana in Hostel(8,9 & 10)

 09.45 p.m to 11.00 p.m

Lights off

 11.00 p.m

Student Life - A Residential Life

HOSTEL-A Home Away From Home

What strikes anyone entering either of the hostels at RVK is the homeliness of the set-up. During their free time, some children can be seen relaxing in their dormitories; others can be heard showering in the washrooms to the accompaniment of tuneful (more often tuneless!!) singing; still others may be engaged in the Common Rooms – playing table tennis or other indoor games, watching television, listening to music, reading the newspapers or magazines or just ‘hanging out’ watching the others playing. These are leisure time activities in the hostel. The hostel schedule is clearly chalked out and the children know exactly what they are meant to be doing at any given time. From the time they join school, they are expected to keep their cupboards neat and clean; look after their clothes and other belongings properly; see that they are always turned out smartly – whether it is in school uniform, games kit, evening or coloured clothes and live in harmony with all the others who share the hostel and its facilities with them.

Student Life - Munchies at RVK

A Modern, clean, well-equipped kitchen provides hygienic, delicious and wholesome vegetarian food prepared under the direction of dedicated staff. The menu is changed periodically to avoid students losing interest in taste and the menu is well decided to suit the children’s interest and also maintain the correct nutritional balance. A separate well – ventilated Dining Hall provided. Water Coolers with purification facility provide fully purified drinking water. Practice of chanting holy verses before taking meals, will have to be followed by all.

Student Life - Medical Facilities


The School is located very close to Dharwad where medical specialists of every kind and good hospitals/nursing homes are available to deal with serious cases in emergencies. At present the School Infirmary is located in the Boys’ Hostel with a full-time Qualified Doctor and Nursing Attendant. When boys are unwell, they are admitted in a separate Infirmary in their hostel where they are attended to by the Nursing Attendant.
Students who need further attention are sent to Ramangouda Hospital, which is a 10-minute drive away from the School. More serious cases are sent to this Hospital, where there is a well-equipped, well-staffed hospital with a full range of specialist doctors located 12km from the School.
From time to time, the school arranges for specialists to come in and examine the students and reports of these check-ups are sent to the parents in case they need to follow up on any medication etc.

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