Makgeolli Shake: A Korean-Inspired Delight

Makgeolli shake, a trendy Korean alcoholic beverage, expertly combines the subtle sweetness and fizz of makgeolli with the rich, creamy texture of vanilla custard and ice cream. This delectable drink has captured the hearts of many, and the best thing is that you can now make your own from the comfort of your home! Let’s … Read more

Mini kimbap (MAYAK KIMBAP)

Explore the delicious world of micro kimbap, a Korean snack that will leave you wanting more. These bite-sized mayak or ggoma kimbap have 3 to 4 ingredients, including vegetables, meat, and eggs, seasoned short grain rice, and dried seaweed. The result? A delicious mix of flavors and textures makes mini kimbap ideal for a fast … Read more

Paneer Recipes You must Try

Paneer Recipes – Collection of 60 easy, amazing & delicious Indian paneer recipes with videos & step-by-step photos. Paneer is a basic kind of non-melting cheese used in Indian cuisine. Apart from lentils, it is a most common source of protein and calcium to the vegetarian Indians. It is made by curdling hot full fat milk … Read more