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Rules & Regulations

DR- 1
Displinary is paramount importance inside the campus. The student entering  the  campus  shall bear in that “That ultimate aim education is character building “, and so should conduct himself in a manner befitting this ideal.
All the students shall follow the prescribed daily whole-heartedly and punctually.
Students have to wear their uniforms at the prescribed time of the day.
Students shall keep their rooms, class-rooms at the prescribed time of the day.
Students are strictly forbidden from including in loud idle chat. Absolute silence shall be maintained when they enter for Prathasmarane, Prayer, Study, any function and also in the dining hall.
Students are required to wear simple and decent dress when they are not supposed to be In school uniform.
Hairstyle, behavior, habits etc. shall be well eithin approved norms of the authorities.
Students are prohibited from either possessing or reading any book, newspaper, magazine or any other publication considered to be harmful or un-necessary by the authorities.
Mobile phone, Radio, Transistor, Walkman, Tape recorder, Electronic gadgets etc. are strictly prohibited for the students to possess.
None of the students shall keep any money with him in the hostel room. Personal money if any shall be deposited with school authorities.
Going to class late, leaving the class without prior permission, absence without prior Permission etc. is not appreciated.
Students shall not damage any property or equipment of the institution. A student causing any such damage will be liable for penalty together with cost of damages decided by the authorities.
Letter addressed to / from the students shall be subjected to scrutiny.
Humility being the foundation of a noble character, students love and reverence towards all elders and teachers and among themselves also.